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Sending LargeData from Prototyper?

I'm trying to have the Prototyper Lua utility from v5.3.0 publish a large status & image-data containing message(~2MB) once every 10s for debugging purposes but only see the fields other than the image-data being populated in DDS Spy.

I've followed some guides regarding large data handling(asynchronous publishing, etc.) and can see the image-data field populated under ~65KB however when above that the field shows blank despite the rest of the message being popluated.

Is LargeData supported in the 5.3.0 Prototyper?  If so any suggestions are much appreciated, thanks!

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rti_dds license


I checked in windows10. ( rti_license.dat)

How to apply rti_license on VxWorks??



version : VxWorks 7

Using IDE : Wind River Workbench 4.6.3



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Sending Matrix Data

Dear All,

I'm really new to this RTI Connext DDS tools. I've installed the RTI Connext, I've succeed to run the example, but what I need is this case:
Publisher has Matrix data an array 1D of float, and Publisher want to divide and send this matrix to several Subscribers with some QoS, and each Subscriber will process his part of the matrix. 

I was expecting this publishing and subscribing data will be simple. But when I tried to look at the example, for me it's complicated.

I hope anyone in this forum could help me.

Thank you,



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publishing moderately large (34KB) data from VxWorks DKM

We have a system consisting of a C based RTI DDS program running as a VxWorks 6.7 DKM which subscribes to and receives up to 2MB data packets and, in turn, generates approximately 34KB of data and publishes it back to the original data source.  For our current testing, the original data source comes from a Windows RTI DDS application (Java based running in Eclipse) while the target system is running on a Power PC target board.  They are connected via a 10/100 switch.

Design and Performance of DDS-based Middleware for Real- Time Control Systems

Abstract: Data-centric design is emerging as a key tenet for building advanced data-critical distributed real-time and embedded systems. These systems must find the right data, know where to send it, and deliver it to the right place at the right time. Data Distribution Service (DDS) specifies an API designed for enabling real-time data distribution and is well suited for such complex distributed systems and QoS-enabled applications. It is also, widely known that Control Area Networks (CAN) are used in real-time, distributed and parallel processing.

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