large data

Multicast of large topic blocks the network

I'm trying to multicast a topic containing a large byte array (I'm sending messages with a size between 200kb and 900kb).

As far as I'm concert I have to make a custom flow controller for the DomainParticipant as well as setting some UDP properties like message_size_max and socket_buffer_size.

I've also changed the QoS policy on the dataWriter.

Whenever i start the application and starts publishing, the entire network is blocked like a ddos attack. 

large data at high rate


I am trying to send 440k at 22Hz.

the QOS profile set at the publisher is:

{reliability = false, deadline = 0, priority = 0, history = 1, durability = VOLATILE, hasKey = false}

So really this is just a bestEffort-Volatile writer.

Reader is set up same.

It's a pretty busy network.  My reader displays the topics/sec as a user feedback mechanism.  And although it often sustains 20-22Hz, it can dip as low at 4-6, and will frequently stay at 16Hz for periods of time.


large data

i want to know how DDS 5.1.0  send largedata ? and Dose DDS 5.1.0 automactic substract message? 

i create data,which max size is 1M  > udp message max size 63K .when i use writer to send data,i found data has been send ,but writer qos and publisher qos are DDS 5.1.0 default.

 this is not compatible to uersmanual section 6.4 .

thank you.



publishing moderately large (34KB) data from VxWorks DKM

We have a system consisting of a C based RTI DDS program running as a VxWorks 6.7 DKM which subscribes to and receives up to 2MB data packets and, in turn, generates approximately 34KB of data and publishes it back to the original data source.  For our current testing, the original data source comes from a Windows RTI DDS application (Java based running in Eclipse) while the target system is running on a Power PC target board.  They are connected via a 10/100 switch.

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