How to change thread priority?

Hello everyone,

I am having some troubles with thread priorities.

I am running a pub/sub application on VxWorks and I notice that for each pub/sub that I run, 4 threads with priority 71 are created (named RTIOsapi).

I looked for it on the platform notes and I noticed that "71" is the THREAD_PRIORITY_ABOVE_NORMAL value for VxWorks.

I would like to change this value somewhere in the XML QoS file. I found out that there is a tag:




Deadline > Lifespan

Is it correct that if the deadline period is chosen greater than the lifespan period then the on_requested_deadline_missed will never take effect?


Is participant mismatch an issue?

I have a number of 4 partipants running on the same domain ID and two of those talk exclsuively to one another and so does the other pair all on different topics. I have modified the participant on one pair to use a different UDPv4 message and buffer size but do not wish to do it on the other. Right now each pair seems to be sending a recieving messages however all the log files a reporting warnings that the transport into does not match and I am also seeing "Discovered remote reader using a non-addressable locator for a transport".


Loading user XML QoS Profiles in C++

Hey guys,

I'm not able to get XML QoS files to load in modern C++.  We are using version 5.2.3.  These work perfectly fine while using the C# APIs.  In trying to find a workaround, I found that the XML also will not load if I put it in either $NDDSHOME/resource/xml/NDDS_QOS_PROFILES.xml or <working directory>/USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml.  I'm just using the sample code in the user manual almost verbatim.


How to configure the DataReader (or a DataWriter) to receive data in a different port

By default, all the DataReaders and Datawriters under one domain receive data on the same port.

How to configure  the DataReader (or a DataWriter)  to receive data in a different port, different socket.

thank you in advance


Creating a Distributed Logger with custom QoS

I am attempting to create a distributed logger using a custom QoS. I have created the following XML file:



<dds xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"

xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="http://community.rti.com/schema/5.2.0/rti_dds_qos_profiles.xsd" version="5.2.0">

<!-- Qos Library -->

MIDAS Overview and Demonstration - Using SDN and OpenFlow to automatically enforce DDS QoS

The MIDdleware Assurance Substrate (MIDAS) uses software defined networking (SDN) and OpenFlow to automatically enforce timing and other non-functional properties for DDS-based publish/subscribe systems.

The video demonstrates how MIDAS can be used to maintain the network Qos necessary to close a real-time control loop even in the presence of network interference and a Denial of Service (DoS) attack.


Changing RTI Routing Service Presentation QOS [Solved]

Hi all,

I have a Routing Service set up to relay data received on domain 1 (asymmetric TCP) to domain 0 (shmem) and a remote application that pumps data into domain 1 so that a client application of mine can consume it in domain 0.

However, when I start up the system, the RTI admin console presents me with the following problem:


Strict Qos dictated behaviour

Hi guys, I am working on a distributed app and I have three types of behavior which I do not seem to get the fully working using QoS. 

1. A transient persistant topic from which any new endpoind will receive the latest needed data from a specific topic (topic is keyed so there are the latest state from a specific entity)

2. A fast topic which can send large arrays of samples but with the assurance that all samples from that call are received and in proper order (like a Query)

Only send the sample if it has changed


There is a process that sends messages on a regular interval, regardless if the content has changed or not. To save bandwidth, I'd like to only transmit the message if it has changed. One option is to do it programmattically, but is it possible using a QoS setting? Ideally it would be nice to leave the code as it is (writing on a regular interval) but have DDS put it on the wire only if it has changed.




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