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Security authentication handshake errors when RTI DDS and Cyclone DDS interoperability

Hello RTI Expert,

    Thanks for your support in advance.

    I am testing the DDS interoperability between RTI DDS and Cyclone DDS with enabling DDS Security feature. Unfortunately, it does not work.

    The scenario is described as follows.

    1. DDS Security files are created (ID CA, Permision CA, Keys, Governance file, Permission file, etc).

    2. Cyclone DDS and RTI DDS use and load these same security files.

    3. Cyclone DDS takes a subscriber role and RTI DDS is as publisher role.

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Guideline for OpenSSL linkage / loading

What possibilities are there to be able to ensure the application uses always the latest version of the OpenSSL libraries? The assumption being it is not possible (or a very large effort) to recompile and ship the application. 

DDS Security concepts for SROS

Tutorial / formal introduction to SROS2 for roboticists as an effort towards advancing the state of security in the robotics community. This was prsented at IROS 2018.

The tutorial introduces DDS Security and how it is used to implement Secure ROS (SROS).



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Secure Transport on VxWorks


I have the stringent necessity for a secure transport, authorization and authentication on VxWorks-based systems I'm currently working on. The RTI Secure WAN Transport plugin would meet my requirements perfectly, but according to it's release note it is not available for VxWorks. Are there any other encryption solutions for DDS on VxWorks or is it possible to still use the Secure WAN Transport plugin somehow? 

Any help is highly appreciated,


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How deep does DDS_TypeCode::equal() go in checking for type code equality?

I understand version 4.5f does not provide "deep" or "strong" type check during topic discovery, but local subscriber can access the type code of remote publisher from the builtin listener and compare with its own local type code on the same topic.  After receiving the remote type code, can the subscriber just call the DDS_TypeCode::equal() function to check the remote type code agains the local one and achieve "deep" type check? In other words, does the equal() function's comparison recursively reaches down to data members of nested structures?

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