Connext 7.3 LTS is now available for download

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Connext 7.3 LTS is now available for download

We are excited to announce the availability of RTI Connext® 7.3 LTS, the newest release under the long-term support (LTS) model designed to empower you to create the intelligent distributed applications of the future.

New Capabilities in Connext 7.3 LTS:

  • Connext Observability Framework (experimental): Monitor your operational Connext applications and CI/CD pipeline using a Grafana® and Prometheus® stack.

  • Pre-Shared Keys (PSKs): Enhance system security against cyber attacks, including resource-constrained devices that have limitations in terms of RAM or CPU or high performance demands.

  • New Cryptographic Algorithms: Ensure top-secret level data protection and use trusted platform modules (TPMs) to safeguard cryptographic keys in hardware.

  • Participant Partitions: Architect and dynamically create subsystems for seamless interaction while maintaining independence from other subsystem chatter.

  • Simple Participant Discovery Protocol (SPDP) 2.0: Streamline participant discovery and liveliness by minimizing redundant information exchange.

  • New Python Support: Expedite mission-critical systems development and testing in a familiar programming language.

  • Graphical Data Publishing in Admin Console: Easily test and validate your applications.

Check out the latest RTI blog post for more information about what's new in Connext 7.3 LTS and how it will ease your system development. 

True to our long-term support (LTS) model, we release an LTS version every two years with our latest advancements, accompanied by 12 years of maintenance and support. We recommend LTS versions for systems in production. For more details, see Connext Releases.

The following resources provide more information on the new features:

Connext 7.3 LTS is now available for download from the RTI Support Portal

If you have any questions, please contact your local account team or email us at



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