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Not getting DDS Messages after creating 20 topics, with a DataWriter and DataReader each.

Hello, I am trying to create 20 topics on the same domain. I create a DataWriter and a DataReader for each topic. But when I create everything, I find that 15 out of 20 of the DataReaders do not receieve any messages from the DataWriters on the topic, even though the DataReaders have matched DataWriters on the domain.

Does anyone know what might be going on?

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setting participant factory resource limits by xml

I'm using RTI DDS 5.2. The only domain participant factory qos I seem able to set by XML file is the EntityFactoryQoSPolicy (auto enable created entities).
Does anyone know a way to set the SystemResourceLimitsQoSpolicy (max objects per thread) by xml file?

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Publishing only the changed fields

Hi all,

I'm wondering if there is a way to write only a member subset of a complex type so that, for instance, I could send those members whose value has changed.



Performance of a Publish/Subscribe Middleware for the Real-Time Distributed Control systems

Abstract: There’s a world of opportunity for distributed embedded and real-time applications. The list of applications goes on and on: military systems, telecommunications, factory automation, traffic control, financial trading, medical imaging, building automation, consumer electronics, and more. These applications must find the right data, know where to send it, and deliver it to the right place at the right time. The publish-subscribe paradigm according to DDS is the best fit to such complex distributed applications that require a powerful communications model.

Publication Year: 

The Wireless and Multimedia Networking Lab researches both the DDS technology as well as the use of DDS for demanding real-time applications. We have serveral research areas, including:

  • Use of DDS for multimedia applications, specifically audio and video distribution on disadvantaged links.
  • Scalable discovery protocols for DDS.
  • Deployment and configuration of DDS applications.
  • Integration of DDS with other networking technologies.

See some of our contributions here or visit our website.


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