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rti_dds license


I checked in windows10. ( rti_license.dat)

How to apply rti_license on VxWorks??



version : VxWorks 7

Using IDE : Wind River Workbench 4.6.3



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How to Subscribe data which published before closing application

I have Two Application and both application publish and subscribe the data

One Application1 published data (Example Student(1,ABC),Student (2,EFG)) and

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Writer error



I get the error below when trying to write -   Writer.write(instance, ref instance_handle);

What is the problem?

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Publishing only the changed fields

Hi all,

I'm wondering if there is a way to write only a member subset of a complex type so that, for instance, I could send those members whose value has changed.



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Why this dynamically created subscriber can not receive messages?

I am writing a public transport system using RTI DDS, but I met a strange problem:


This situation works well:

1. start a passenger subscriber with content filtered topic
2. start publishers
3. the passenger subsriber gets the messages well
4. start a second passenger subscriber with a different content filtered topic
5. the second passenger subscriber gets the messages well

This situation has problem:

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