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Are data samples queued and if so, where?

My understanding is that DDS DataWriters communicate CacheChanges to the HistoryCaches of the associated RTPS Writer. This CacheChange is then propagated to the mapped RTPS Readers before notifying their associated DDS DataReaders.

From the above statement, there are queues (the HistoryCache) on the RTPS Writers and Readers.

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rti_dds license


I checked in windows10. ( rti_license.dat)

How to apply rti_license on VxWorks??



version : VxWorks 7

Using IDE : Wind River Workbench 4.6.3



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How to Subscribe data which published before closing application

I have Two Application and both application publish and subscribe the data

One Application1 published data (Example Student(1,ABC),Student (2,EFG)) and

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Writer error



I get the error below when trying to write -   Writer.write(instance, ref instance_handle);

What is the problem?

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Publishing only the changed fields

Hi all,

I'm wondering if there is a way to write only a member subset of a complex type so that, for instance, I could send those members whose value has changed.



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Why this dynamically created subscriber can not receive messages?

I am writing a public transport system using RTI DDS, but I met a strange problem:


This situation works well:

1. start a passenger subscriber with content filtered topic
2. start publishers
3. the passenger subsriber gets the messages well
4. start a second passenger subscriber with a different content filtered topic
5. the second passenger subscriber gets the messages well

This situation has problem:

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