How can I get a notification when my DataReader receives a ‘dispose’ sample with identity


I have UI application hosted on the remote machine. Server publishes data and UI Application(Remote) subscribe it continuously and populate data on UI.
If the server added a new record and published new data this data get subscribe through the UI application and populate on UI.

sending only fields that have changed



We are using RHEL7.5 and RTI DDS 5.3.1.

I've done some searching already.  I was wondering if it was possible for a datawriter to only send the fields that have changed in a message and a datareader to only act on those 'changed' fields.  Am I correct that this feature does not exist in RTI DDS currently?

Subscribing Program Terminates Unexpectedly

After a few minutes reading data from a topic, the subscribing program unexpectedly terminates as if someone decided to simply stop it. What could cause a subscribing program to terminate by itself? I had originally thought that maybe it was a set limitation of the trial license (since at termination, the licensing information is displayed), but the problem remains with the full license. Data is received with a couple losses here and there. Perhaps the problem is obvious, but I am new to DDS. Has this happened to anyone else, and how did you solve it?

Critical sections between datareader operations


We got a datareader receiving every 100 milliseconds (it's a mean value) batches of 100 samples each of the samples are 60 bytes in size. The datareader max_samples is 1000.

A thread takes samples into the datareader 100 by 100, using loaning function.

We observe that most of the time the "take" operation takes less than 200 microsecond but sometime (rarely) the "take" operation can takes as much as 3-6 milliseconds to return the loaned buffer.


Listener Vs Poll

In order to test and try out different DDS configurations and QoS settings, I have a small suite of 3 test applications.

The first is a publisher that writes new data every 0.5 seconds.

The second is a subscriber that polls for new data every 1.0 seconds.

The third is a subscriber that uses a listener on the datareader. However, the on_data_available callback contains a sleep(1.0). This means that the callback can only be called once every second.

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