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Modern C++11 Listener Example

I've been working on implementing a modern listener for a DataReader in C++11 and it's causing me issues.  The examples are all C++03 that I can see.

Can anyone point me to an example that uses a Modern C++11 listener? I'm mostly interested in the class that I need to inherit from the template dds::sub::DataReaderListener<T> along with it's overrides and then calling set_listener on the data reader.

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DataReaderListener not called


I have successfully set up a publisher in a Java application, and its data is received by another participant. Registering the same participant that is publishing the data as a subscriber seems to be successful, too, but it seems my DataReaderListener is never called when something is published on the topic. Here's the code that is setting up the subscriber:

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Stateful ContentFilteredTopics?

ContentFilteredTopics seem very appropriate for message / event type data, such as the "news story feed" example provided in the documentation.

However, when used on a topic representing a set of objects, there seems to be no way to affirm that an object with previously received instance samples has since left the filter criteria, and that the previously receieved samples are now inconsistent with the current state of the object.

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Listener Vs Poll

In order to test and try out different DDS configurations and QoS settings, I have a small suite of 3 test applications.

The first is a publisher that writes new data every 0.5 seconds.

The second is a subscriber that polls for new data every 1.0 seconds.

The third is a subscriber that uses a listener on the datareader. However, the on_data_available callback contains a sleep(1.0). This means that the callback can only be called once every second.

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