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Dynamic Change of ContentFilter Expression

hi all!

is there a possibility to change the filter expression(i.e. the logical statement, not only the expression parameters) of a Content Filtered Topic at run time or simply disable the filtering?

Let's say I have topic which is bound to a type containing three int members. How would switching between receiving filtered samples and receiving all samples be achieved?

Thanks for your help,


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Stateful ContentFilteredTopics?

ContentFilteredTopics seem very appropriate for message / event type data, such as the "news story feed" example provided in the documentation.

However, when used on a topic representing a set of objects, there seems to be no way to affirm that an object with previously received instance samples has since left the filter criteria, and that the previously receieved samples are now inconsistent with the current state of the object.

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Apply content filter with various number of parameters


I have a little question about content filtered topic.

Here is my scenario:

Lets say I have 4 units in my system: A, B, C and D.

Units A, B and C publishing messages to unit D.

Each message has an int field named ID.

A (ID=1), B(ID=2) and C(ID=3).

I am looking for a way to create a content filtered topic and pass it to D's reader in the following way:

D should receive messages from A and C only.

I have created the following content filter expression " (ID=1) AND (ID=3) and it worked.

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