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Create ContentFilterTopic by Char comparision

Hello, I ´ve  a problem using DDS Filter. The problem is about content condition in filter topic. My topic has several fields and one like this: 

[0]: 'E'
[1]: 'x'
[2]: 'a'
[3]: 'm'
[4]: 'p'
[5]: 'l'
[6]: 'e'


The result above is when I publish the topic and I watch it by DDS Spy. I´d like filter it by name ('Example').

If I print by screen the result I get something like this:


[..., Arbitrary_field: {E , x, a, m, p, l, e}, ...]


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Content Filtered Topic not really filtered?

Hello everyone,

I am testing a simple application with ContentFilteredTopic.

The DataWriter basically just send random numbers (possible temperature values in a range 0-100) and the DataReader receives them with a filter: it should only receive values less than 20 and greater than 80.

Apparently the application works fine. If i run publisher and subscriber I actually see what I expect and the temperature values are filtered as I want.

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Stateful ContentFilteredTopics?

ContentFilteredTopics seem very appropriate for message / event type data, such as the "news story feed" example provided in the documentation.

However, when used on a topic representing a set of objects, there seems to be no way to affirm that an object with previously received instance samples has since left the filter criteria, and that the previously receieved samples are now inconsistent with the current state of the object.

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Filter syntax to filter out everything but 1 data field ?


Let's assume I have a topic A whom data type is like: 

struct myStruct {

        short A_id; //@key

        string A_title;

        string A_data; };


Then I create 3 instances and I write them from my Datawriter to my Datareader.

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Specifying ContentFilteredTopics in an XML file

My question is how would I specify a ContentFilteredTopic within the USER_PROFILE_QOS.xml file that I am declaring all of my topics, writers, and readers etc. I found in RTI_CoreLibrariesAndUtilities_QoS_Reference_Guide.pdf about how you can add content filters to DataReaders and subscribers and everything, however this does not appear to produce a ContentFilteredTopic anywhere. As such, how would I update the expression parameter's dynamically? 

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