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Listener not receiving data

I am having trouble getting a subscriber to receive data from a publisher. Both entities are on the same machine and my firewall is off.

* Subscriber has a listener with StatusMask as all().
* set NDDS_DISCOVERY_PEERS=4@shmem://
* Using HighThroughput profile.

I guess the more unusual thing about this app is that there are two domain participants with a pub on one and a subscriber on the other. Yet, they are both on the same domain's id, 0. I assume that's ok.

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DataWriter callback when writer queue is available for writing


I'm have a DDS_DataWriter configured to keep history with a depth of 128. After 128 written samples, the DDS_DataWriter returns a "DDS_RETCODE_TIMEOUT" error, which is expected because the buffer is full and no DDS_DataReader has read anything from it.

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Stateful ContentFilteredTopics?

ContentFilteredTopics seem very appropriate for message / event type data, such as the "news story feed" example provided in the documentation.

However, when used on a topic representing a set of objects, there seems to be no way to affirm that an object with previously received instance samples has since left the filter criteria, and that the previously receieved samples are now inconsistent with the current state of the object.

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Multiple listeners issue


I'm currently using two Datawriters belonging to the same Publisher. Each Datawriter has its own topic to write on.

On the other side, I have two Datareaders belonging to the same Subscriber.

What I'd like to do is to set one listener per Datareader, so each Datareader can listen to one topic.

I assume this is possible, but probably because of my implementation I'm getting an error.

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When is a Waitset woken up?

Hello all,

I have been experimenting for a while with listeners, conditions and waitsets to understand how they work exactly, since the DDS specification is a bit vague on some of the details of these features.

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