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What separates DDS from other publish-subscribe middleware?


Very quick question:

What separates DDS from other publish-subscribe middleware? What makes it unique from other publish-subscribe middleware?



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Listener not receiving data

I am having trouble getting a subscriber to receive data from a publisher. Both entities are on the same machine and my firewall is off.

* Subscriber has a listener with StatusMask as all().
* set NDDS_DISCOVERY_PEERS=4@shmem://
* Using HighThroughput profile.

I guess the more unusual thing about this app is that there are two domain participants with a pub on one and a subscriber on the other. Yet, they are both on the same domain's id, 0. I assume that's ok.

Using DDS in UAV Control Stations

Describes the devekopment of UAV Control Station by Raytheon:

  • The control stations provide command and control of an unmanned air vehicle (UAV)
  • A common control station controls more than one type of UAV
  • A control station is made up of a set of service
  • Services defined by the Unmanned Systems (UxS) Control Segment (UCS) Architecture standard. Some common to all vehicles and some unique to a single vehicle

UAV Control Systems belong to a class of systems that require:

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How to Send Multi data types?


I've started my research project by Rti DDS Connext,

I have 2 kind of data types :

struct bite_msg_t {
    string<128> color; //@key
    long x;
    long y;

struct bite_iam_reply_t {
    string<128> color; //@key
    short a;
    short b;

Real-time Sensor Data Analysis Processing of a Soccer Game Using OMG DDS Publish/Subscribe Middleware

This paper describes a real-time event-based system to distribute and analyze high-velocity sensor data collected from a soccer game case study used in the DEBS 2013 Grand Challenge. Our approach uses the OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS) for data dissemination and we combine it with algorithms to provide the necessary real-time analytics. We implemented the system using the Real-Time Innovations (RTI) ConnextTMDDS implementation, which provides a novel platform for Quality-of-Service (QoS)-aware distribution of data and real-time event processing.

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RDDS: A Real-Time Data Distribution Service for Cyber-Physical Systems

Abstract: One of the primary requirements in many cyber-physical systems (CPS) is that the sensor data derived from the physical world should be disseminated in a timely and reliable manner to all interested collaborative entities. However, providing reliable and timely data dissemination services is especially challenging for CPS since they often operate in highly unpredictable environments. Existing network middleware has limitations in providing such services.

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Applying Publish-Subscribe to Communications-on-theMove Node Control

Abstract: Modern military satellite communications terminals have typically been built as multiprocessor systems. Because of increasing pressure for reuse and modularity, current programs have been encouraged to consider the use of component middleware. While Common Object Request Broker Architecture is the most mature middleware standard available, its invocation semantics present considerable challenges for the development of such systems.

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A QoS Policy Configuration Modeling Language for Publish/Subscribe Middleware Platforms

ABSTRACT: Publish/subscribe (pub/sub) middleware platforms for event- based distributed systems often provide many configurable policies that affect end-to-end quality of service (QoS). Although the flexibility and functionality of pub/sub middle- ware platforms has matured, configuring their QoS policies in semantically compatible ways has become more complex.

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OMG Data Distribution Service: Architectural Overview

The OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS) is an emerging specification for publish-subscribe data distribution systems. The purpose of the specification is to provide a common application-level interface that clearly defines the data distribution service. The specification describes the service using UML, thus providing a platform-independent model that can then be mapped into a variety of concrete platforms and programming languages.

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