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Synchronization using DDS

In a real-time system using DDS, can DDS by default synchronze between one publisher and one subscriber, or between multiple subscribers?

If it can, what is the approximate value for the synchronization error? If it can't, can anyone help to provide some suggestions to achieve it?

Any comments/suggestions would be very much appreciated!




Modeling the QoS parameters of DDS for event-driven real-time applications

The Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard defines a data-centric distribution middleware that supports the development of distributed real-time systems. To this end, the standard includes a wide set of configurable parameters to provide different degrees of Quality of Service (QoS). This paper presents an analysis of these QoS parameters when DDS is used to build reactive applications normally designed under an event-driven paradigm, and shows how to represent them using the real-time end-to-end flow model defined by the MARTE standard.

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RDDS: A Real-Time Data Distribution Service for Cyber-Physical Systems

Abstract: One of the primary requirements in many cyber-physical systems (CPS) is that the sensor data derived from the physical world should be disseminated in a timely and reliable manner to all interested collaborative entities. However, providing reliable and timely data dissemination services is especially challenging for CPS since they often operate in highly unpredictable environments. Existing network middleware has limitations in providing such services.

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