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RTPS text based?

Is RTPS a text based wire protocol or a binary based wire protocol?

Automatic Vehicle Location and Monitoring System Based on Data Distribution Service

This paper proposes a real time Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Monitoring system for pilgrims road transport coming towards city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia based on Data Distribution Service (DDS). This service is a real time publish/subscribe middleware. Using this middleware approach, we are able to locate and track a huge number of mobile vehicles and identify pilgrims for an annual Islamic gathering in the Holy City of Makkah. Performance results are demonstrated for LAN, WLAN and Bluetooth over DDS.

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Remote Procedure Call over DDS (Draft spec, 4th revised submission)

RTI's draft submission to the RPC Over DDS specification. The submission defines a Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) framework using the basic building blocks of DDS, such as topics, types, and entities (e.g., datareader, datawriter) to provide request/reply semantics. It defines distributed services, characterized by a service interface, which serves as a shareable contract between service provider and a service consumer. It supports synchronous and asynchronous method invocation.


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RTPS middleware for real-time distributed industrial vision systems

Abstract: Designing and constructing Real-Time Distributed Industrial Vision Systems (RT-DIVS) from scratch is very complicated task. RT-DIVS has Conflicting requirements such as reasonable development cost, ease of use, reusable code and high performance. The success key in building such systems is to recognize the need for middleware software. Middleware plays a major role in developing distributed systems efficiently. Real-Time Publish-Subscribe (RTPS) model is one of the latest developments in Real-Time middleware technologies.

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VSI/GVA Data Model

 Overview of the UK Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) the motivation, architecture, and technical components.

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A Model-Driven Software Development Approach Using OMG DDS for Wireless Sensor Networks

Abstract: The development of embedded systems challenges software engineers with timely delivery of optimised code that is both safe and resource-aware. Within this context, we focus on distributed systems with small, specialised node hardware, specifically, wireless sensor net- work (WSN) systems. Model-driven software development (MDSD) promises to reduce errors and efforts needed for complex software projects by automated code generation from abstract software models. We present an approach for MDSD based on the data-centric OMG middleware standard DDS.

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µDDS: A Middleware for Real-Time Wireless Embedded Systems

Abstract:  A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is formed by a large quantity of small devices with certain computing power, wireless communication and sensing capabilities. These types of networks have become popular as they have been developed for applications which can carry out a vast quantity of tasks, including home and building monitoring, object tracking, precision agriculture, military applications, disaster recovery, among others.

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