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Using micro DDS for WSN

I would like to know if I can use micro DDS with cooja emulator (Contiki OS).


How to determine topic size

Hello Everyone,

                      I have generated my code using rtiddsgen utility through idl file and code is running quite well. Now I am wondering what is the size of my topic. 
I have searched alot about it but could not find out the answer. Can anyone please tell me how I can know the size of topic.


I am not able to execute latency and throughput examples

Dear Sir,

I am trying to execute latency and throughput examples from rti_workspace folder but Its giving me error. I am working with Java and using this command as per documentation.    <NDDSHOME>/bin/rtiddsgen -language Java -example <your Java arch> -notypecode Latency.idl


I want to execute this example of waitset.

Hello everyone,

I want to execute waitset example provided by RTI in following link 


There are three files waitsets.idl, waitsets_publisher.c and waitsets_subscriber.c

Please let me know in detail how I will execute these files. Do we need to generate the code using this IDL file or we need to execute publisher and subscriber ?


rtiddsgen utility

Can Anyone please tell how I can I set the environment variables for rtiddsgen utility. I have read the documentation and tried every possible thing but still unable to run rtiddsgen to generate code from idl file. If possible please specify step by step solution with example. Thanks in advance for the help. I am using Windows 7, 64 bit platform.


IIC smartgrid Testbed

Assalam O Alaikum and Hi everyone. Can someone tell me how I can get the IIC smartgrid testbed. I know its the first phase but my work is only related to first phase only. Please guide me through.






Automatic Vehicle Location and Monitoring System Based on Data Distribution Service

This paper proposes a real time Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Monitoring system for pilgrims road transport coming towards city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia based on Data Distribution Service (DDS). This service is a real time publish/subscribe middleware. Using this middleware approach, we are able to locate and track a huge number of mobile vehicles and identify pilgrims for an annual Islamic gathering in the Holy City of Makkah. Performance results are demonstrated for LAN, WLAN and Bluetooth over DDS.

Publication Year: 

File datawriter

Dear all,

I was just wondering how I can publish an entire file in DDS. Most confidently I will not exceed the file size constraint. Better if you give me example of its java implementation.




Performance Test example, compiling errors!

Whenever I tried to build performance test using visual studio 2010, I get an errors. 
If it is CPP project I get this error:
RTIOsapiThread_new function does not take 6 arguments
And if I tired with CS, I get these errors
Type or namespace Test_tXXXXXX could not be found.

Cloud monitoring using DDS

Hi Folks,

I started to look on a research papers about cloud monitoring using DDS. I found a research paper about this topic titled " DARGOS: A highly adaptable and scalable monitoring architecture

for multi-tenant Clouds".

I want to ask if anyone has worked with DARGOS or has useful presentations, manual, etc. to start with.

Thanks in advance.




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