Identical source_timestamp through middleware

I am currently testing to latency of a middleware program. This program is subscribed and recieves a
sample from a custom publisher and a specific topic, which contains various primitive Java types. After
receiving a sample, the program alters the data to the user's choice (the middleware is already expecting a
sample that fits a certain object).

I am not able to execute latency and throughput examples

Dear Sir,

I am trying to execute latency and throughput examples from rti_workspace folder but Its giving me error. I am working with Java and using this command as per documentation.    <NDDSHOME>/bin/rtiddsgen -language Java -example <your Java arch> -notypecode Latency.idl


Minimise latency for existing subscribers when late subscriber joins


I have a single publisher publishing 1MB samples every second. Late subscribers need to receive the last 1000 samples, so I’ve set KEEP_LAST_HISTORY and TRANSIENT_LOCAL_DURABILITY with max_samples set to 1000.

How to check real time response to interrupt?

Dear Sir,

We want to measure latency(RTT-Round Trip Time) in RTI-Xenomai DDS platfrom, which are the basic command or software tools to measure latency.

How to check the if interrupt are responded in real time?

Pleas give us your suggestion.

Thanks in advance.



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