What factors can to tune to improve latency

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What factors can to tune to improve latency

9.1. Latency Benchmarks — RTI Connext DDS Micro 2.4.12 documentation

Without asking for our data, can you please advise me how I can improve our system latency? What factors can be tuned: Domain numbers? QoS? data size? or something else? Can you please give me a priority list that I should investigate?

Why on the system with much better computing power are we observing orders of magnitude slower latency compared to the latency benchmarks (the link on top)?

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Hi Mike, unfortunately, what you're asking about isn't something that this forum format is able to efficiently resolve.  There are lots of questions about what QOS that you're using, what the network setup is, what else is using the CPU, what test are you running...or is this in the context of an actually application...and yes, information about the data, structural complexity, size.

I would suggest using RTI Perftest as a tool to understand the practical performance limits of your hardware/network...independent of your application logic.  That would be a "theoretical" performance limit.  RTI Perftest configured to try to provide the best performance for most scenarios but can be adjust to see if different QoS values can improve the performance.

As I understand, your project has official support as well as professional services available to help answer questions like this...which would more efficient with direct communications/online meetings, etc.  I suggest that you take this that route...