How to check real time response to interrupt?

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How to check real time response to interrupt?

Dear Sir,

We want to measure latency(RTT-Round Trip Time) in RTI-Xenomai DDS platfrom, which are the basic command or software tools to measure latency.

How to check the if interrupt are responded in real time?

Pleas give us your suggestion.

Thanks in advance.



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There is an example application to measure round-trip latency included with your installation of RTI DDS. Look for the directory called ndds.5.0.0  (or whichever version you have), and below look for the subdirectory:


You will see there an example which includes the makefiles to build in different platforms as well as PDF file called Instructions.pdf containing instructions on building and running it.

As far as measuring whether interrupts are responded in real-time this is more of a kernel issue than a middleware issue. What kind of interrupt are you trying to respond to in real-time? I think the test you develop to measure it may deend on how these interrupts are generated.