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Are data samples queued and if so, where?

My understanding is that DDS DataWriters communicate CacheChanges to the HistoryCaches of the associated RTPS Writer. This CacheChange is then propagated to the mapped RTPS Readers before notifying their associated DDS DataReaders.

From the above statement, there are queues (the HistoryCache) on the RTPS Writers and Readers.

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Is participant mismatch an issue?

I have a number of 4 partipants running on the same domain ID and two of those talk exclsuively to one another and so does the other pair all on different topics. I have modified the participant on one pair to use a different UDPv4 message and buffer size but do not wish to do it on the other. Right now each pair seems to be sending a recieving messages however all the log files a reporting warnings that the transport into does not match and I am also seeing "Discovered remote reader using a non-addressable locator for a transport".

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How can I identify different participants in the same network?

Hi everyone,

I have a question and hope you can help me. I am learning to use DDS so forgive my mistakes.

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