Is participant mismatch an issue?

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Is participant mismatch an issue?

I have a number of 4 partipants running on the same domain ID and two of those talk exclsuively to one another and so does the other pair all on different topics. I have modified the participant on one pair to use a different UDPv4 message and buffer size but do not wish to do it on the other. Right now each pair seems to be sending a recieving messages however all the log files a reporting warnings that the transport into does not match and I am also seeing "Discovered remote reader using a non-addressable locator for a transport". If I put one pair on a different domain ID this problem goes away however ideally I'd like to keep them on the same domain ID.

So if I ignore the warnings and keep both pairs on the same domain ID and ensure the pairs do not use the same topics i.e. participants with the differing participant QOS never talk on the same topic could there be any issues with running like this?


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Hi JC,

If I recall correctly, the warning you are seeing are more for your information. Since both applications are in the same domain, both participants see each other but cannot quite communicate due to the changes you made. As far as I know, the warnings will not affect to the functionality, just annoy you a bit :)

All the best,