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Porting the communication layer (Micro edition)

Hello RTI team :)

We are considering the porting of RTI Connext Micro to an ARINC-653-like platform called XtratuM. It is an open source hypervisor designed for real-time embedded and high integrity systems. Although it does not follow a specific standard, its design is based on ARINC-653 so it provides the applications executing on top of it with time and space isolation. It allows the execution of different operating systems (e.g., a general purpose OS, a real-time OS, or an ARINC-653 OS).

Applying Publish-Subscribe to Communications-on-theMove Node Control

Abstract: Modern military satellite communications terminals have typically been built as multiprocessor systems. Because of increasing pressure for reuse and modularity, current programs have been encouraged to consider the use of component middleware. While Common Object Request Broker Architecture is the most mature middleware standard available, its invocation semantics present considerable challenges for the development of such systems.

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