Why no discovery message from Micro?


I can't get my DDS Micro project to interoperate with my client's DDS Connext. Below are some information, and hope somebody can help me please. My project deadline is approaching.


Problems connecting DDS applications

I'm running a DDS micro client (v 2.4.10) on a linux ARM system (compiled from source).  It produces topic data on one second intervals, and I have a windows 7 system with the Connext Pro version 5.3.0 running the Admin Console that should be able to watch the data.

Unable to discover the reader in my app [solved]

Hi all.

I’ve been developing a set of apps with one server and three different clients. Everything works fine while running all of them on the same machine. Now I put one of those clients in another machine B, connected to the same router, and the first message of this client -a login request- is never received by the server in machine A. The on_publication_matched method in the client is never executed, but in the Administration Console, the client turns from Healthy to Warning: Reader-only Topic. Topic contains only DataReaders when the message is sent.


Unicast Discovery and offline hosts


we are migrating from old Suse with kernel 3.0 to a new version with kernel 3.12. One of the changes are ARP limits:


Detecting Leaving Domains

Hi everybody,

I have written a simple application which discover all domains with the help of dds::topic::ParticipantBuiltinTopicData. When a domain joins my LAN network, my program detects it but it cannot detect leaving domains. Is there any way to detect leaving domains? 

I bring some of my application code below for further uses:

MTU and Fragmentation


We are using a 3G cellular link to send data back from a remote device. I had a problem where I was seeing Readers/Writers being discovered by Spy, but no samples would ever come through. Upon closer inspection, it appeared that discovery wasn't in fact ever completing, although Spy showed the readers/writers. Turning on verbosity showed that there was some strange errors on type matching. Our typecode is roughly ~3-4k.

How can I react to a participant going stale?

I am trying to find a way how my application can react to a participant going stale without using my own timers.
In the RTI Core Libraries and Utilities Manual, section 14.3.1, I found the following:

DDS Discovery very slow

During discovery, one of our services, which contains about 20 message topics, takes at least 15 seconds to complete discovery.  Is this normal?  And, also, are there known ways to speed up this discovery time (such as bandwidth improvements, etc)?  Can we get DDS to consume more network bandwidth during discovery to speed up this process?  It seems that it now uses fairly little bandwidth during discovery.




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