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RTI does not display any domain topic

Dear everyone,

Recently, I've tried to use RTI DDS to visualize the domain topic in the "RTI Administration Console". However, the console doesn't display any topic when the program is running:

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Detecting Leaving Domains

Hi everybody,

I have written a simple application which discover all domains with the help of dds::topic::ParticipantBuiltinTopicData. When a domain joins my LAN network, my program detects it but it cannot detect leaving domains. Is there any way to detect leaving domains? 

I bring some of my application code below for further uses:

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Mapping into Topics and Domains

Hi all,

some background info first:

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domain filtering


There is a computer on the network publishing a topic on domain 2. When I start my computer and listen to the same topic on domain 1, I see my network traffic increase dramatically (even though I quite rightly cannot see the messages).

Is it correct to assume that the domain filtering is being done on my computer (the subscriber)?

Is is possible to change it so that the domain filtering is performed by the publisher instead? (so that it doesn't bother sending me its samples)

We are using udp multicast.

Thank you,


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Corruption between two domains


I think I have a problem of sample delivery leakage between different domains.
The system is setup like below...

- PC1: A process of domain #2
- PC2: A process of domain #2
- PC3: 5 processes of domain #10

Under this setup, the samples from domain #10 are delivered to the processes of #2.
This problem is shown rarely, but once it occurs, the processes from #10 keep sending samples to #2.
Each process has only one domain participant for the corresponding domain.

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