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RTI Admin Console Match Graph

I installed RTI 5.2.3 onto a new Red Hat 7 Linux machine. I noticed that my applications were having issues during discovery, so I launched the Admin Console. When I hover over my list of topics, I can see an issue with the "Requested/Offered QoS". When I clicked on the topic, I was unable to bring up the Match Graph. I tried with all of my other topics and had the same issue.

Is there any environment variable or other setup issue that would be preventing the Match Graph from displaying?


Problems connecting DDS applications

I'm running a DDS micro client (v 2.4.10) on a linux ARM system (compiled from source).  It produces topic data on one second intervals, and I have a windows 7 system with the Connext Pro version 5.3.0 running the Admin Console that should be able to watch the data.

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