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Multicast discovery QoS problem

We've recently been reorganising a large DDS based project, and have started having problems with discovery. Wireshark captures show the participants successfully sending out multicast discovery packets, but never responding to each other when we use one of our QoS profiles. rtiddsspy will successfuly connect to one of our participants on the network if we use the default profile, but not if we use our own profile.


Content-based Filtering Discovery Protocol (CFDP): Scalable and Efficient OMG DDS Discovery Protocol

The OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS) has been deployed in many mission-critical systems and increasingly in Internet of Things (IoT) applications since it supports a loosely-coupled, data-centric publish/subscribe paradigm with a rich set of quality-of-service (QoS) policies. Effective data communication between publishers and subscribers requires dynamic and reliable discovery of publisher/subscriber endpoints in the system, which DDS currently supports via a standardized approach called the Simple Discovery Protocol (SDP).

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