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Routing Service Durability Disconnect

I have two legacy systems, both on different domains.  Eventually, I will need to send messages between the two domains.  For now, I am using a simple "Hello World" example but starting the DataWriter and DataReader on different domains, on the same Linux workstation.  In between, I have the routing service, directing the publisher's topic to the subscriber's domain and topic.  For QoS, I have StrictReliability selected but with the default VOLATILE durability.  This setup works fine except for the fact that the discovery / connection process takes up to 10 seconds

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How to get textfile of Participant QoS, similar to Admin Console

I am fairly new to the fine-grained details of RTI DDS. I have a system with many participants across many domains, partitions and topics. I do not have access to the source code for all of the applications (participants).

I am looking to generate a textfile log of which participants are running and what their DDS QoS is set to. Specifically I am interested in: durability.kind, ownership.kind and reliability.kind.

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