How to get textfile of Participant QoS, similar to Admin Console

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How to get textfile of Participant QoS, similar to Admin Console

I am fairly new to the fine-grained details of RTI DDS. I have a system with many participants across many domains, partitions and topics. I do not have access to the source code for all of the applications (participants).

I am looking to generate a textfile log of which participants are running and what their DDS QoS is set to. Specifically I am interested in: durability.kind, ownership.kind and reliability.kind.

I am not too particular on the format beyond that, more data would be better than less. I suppose ideally one participant would be listed on each line of the file.

Bonus points if there was a 'health check' section like there is in the Admin Console, except at a higher resolution of all participants for a given topic, AND in a given domain.

In context, the Admin console is a good start for this debugging endeavor, BUT it quickly becomes tedious in large systems (not to mention that it only seems to assess 'health' across a whole topic (potentially multiple partitions). Thus I would love to have a text file with the same sort of information, that I can parse/automate to suit my needs.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Aaron,

You can export the discovery information from Admin Console by choosing "Export" from the file menu.  This will give you an XML file that lists your participants, types, topics, and QoS which you can then parse with other tools.  


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Hi Aaron,

   In addition to John's technique, you could also look into the Recording Service. It creates a database which includes DomainParticipants, DataWriters, and DataReaders. You can configure it to capture the discovery-propagated QoSes as well (just like Admin Console does). These databases can also be exported to text files.