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Unicast Discovery and offline hosts


we are migrating from old Suse with kernel 3.0 to a new version with kernel 3.12. One of the changes are ARP limits:

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Multicast of large topic blocks the network

I'm trying to multicast a topic containing a large byte array (I'm sending messages with a size between 200kb and 900kb).

As far as I'm concert I have to make a custom flow controller for the DomainParticipant as well as setting some UDP properties like message_size_max and socket_buffer_size.

I've also changed the QoS policy on the dataWriter.

Whenever i start the application and starts publishing, the entire network is blocked like a ddos attack. 

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Increasing UDPv4 buffer size

I am getting UDP errors due to high traffic. I am trying to increase the buffer size but the error I am getting:

NDDS_Transport_Support_set_builtin_transport_property:ERROR participant has already been enabled.
See included code:

/* To customize participant QoS, use
DDSTheParticipantFactory->get_default_participant_qos() */
factory_qos.entity_factory.autoenable_created_entities = DDS_BOOLEAN_FALSE;

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