Recording Service - Record Only Valid Samples

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Recording Service - Record Only Valid Samples

I recently noticed that our RTI recording service is recording occasional invalid samples under the NOT_ALIVE_NO_WRITERS_INSTANCE_STATE. SampleInfo valid data is false.

This was first noticed when looking at the recording service metadata.db Files_2_0 table. The first shard of the recording session state that the minimum SampleInfo_source_timstamp was -1000000000.

This is a potential issue for our software.

We don't want to record invalid samples. How can I modify my recording service configuration XML file to only record valid samples?

We are using RTI 6.1.2 recording service.

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The non-valid data data samples hold information about the state of the instances of a topic.  i.e., when an instance is disposed or no longer has a source (datawriter), are events that happen inline with the received data so that you can determine when certain things occur.

If your software doesn't need to know or process those meta-data samples, then you may need to put in logic to discard samples that have "invalid" data in the sample info.  This is exactly what you have to do with live data received by DataReaders.

If you are using SQL to get data from a recorded file, your SQL Query can easily query for samples that only have a "1" in the SampleInfo_valid_data" column.

If needed, you can run an SQL script to delete all of the rows with a "0" in the SampleInfo_valid_data" column from the table of recorded data.

Unfortunately, I don't think there's a way to configure the Recording Service not to record those affected samples.