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How can I get a reader event telling me that the writer unregisters an instance, after the writer has been temporarly not alive


My scenario involve a datawriter and a datareader each one runs on its own host and exchanging topic instances through network.

I want the datareader side to be able to:
- Allocate resources (working processes for example) on creation of instances because the datawriter issues write keyed samples
- Free the resources on destruction of instances because the datawriter issues unregister or dispose (doesn't matter) of keyed samples, once they are created

Until now, no difficulty by reading status instances on the datareader side.

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How can I get a notification when my DataReader receives a ‘dispose’ sample with identity


I have UI application hosted on the remote machine. Server publishes data and UI Application(Remote) subscribe it continuously and populate data on UI.
If the server added a new record and published new data this data get subscribe through the UI application and populate on UI.

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AccessViolationException on program shutdown


I'm encountering the following unhandled exception in nddsdotnet40.dll when my application shuts down:

System.AccessViolationException was unhandled
Message=Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
at DDS.WaitSet.!WaitSet()
at DDS.WaitSet.Dispose(Boolean )
at DDS.WaitSet.Finalize()

I've traced through all my Dispose() methods and it doesn't seem that anything is directly causing this exception.

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Unregistered instance not received

Hi all,

I have an application with one DataWriter and one DataReader that catches when an instance is unregistered. It does the following:

- on the publisher side: After all the work is done, the only DataWriter calls unregister_instance() and exits (thus the DataWriter is deleted).

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Disposing of Topic Instances

Is it possible to have an application that disposes of topic instances that it did not create?


Further, is it possible for an application to start up and dispose of topic instances that it has never seen?  (by key)



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