How can I get a reader event telling me that the writer unregisters an instance, after the writer has been temporarly not alive


My scenario involve a datawriter and a datareader each one runs on its own host and exchanging topic instances through network.

I want the datareader side to be able to:
- Allocate resources (working processes for example) on creation of instances because the datawriter issues write keyed samples
- Free the resources on destruction of instances because the datawriter issues unregister or dispose (doesn't matter) of keyed samples, once they are created

Until now, no difficulty by reading status instances on the datareader side.


Critical sections between datareader operations


We got a datareader receiving every 100 milliseconds (it's a mean value) batches of 100 samples each of the samples are 60 bytes in size. The datareader max_samples is 1000.

A thread takes samples into the datareader 100 by 100, using loaning function.

We observe that most of the time the "take" operation takes less than 200 microsecond but sometime (rarely) the "take" operation can takes as much as 3-6 milliseconds to return the loaned buffer.

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