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How to resolve circular type dependency?

I'm working on a project with complex messages that have something akin to the following pattern in them:

struct TypeA {

TypeB _child; // @resolve-name false


struct TypeB {

sequence<TypeA> _sequence; // @resolve-name false



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Modern c++ interface: How to lookup a topic and create DataReader from PublicationBuiltinTopicData

Hi all,

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Moden C++ DynamicType (i.e TypeCode) serialization and deserialization on 6.0.1


I want to serialize a DynamicType instance, write the serialized data to file and then later read it from file and deserialize it.

I have read this thread to know how to convert between a C++ DynamicType instance and a C DDS_TypeCode instance: https://community.rti.com/forum-topic/52-moden-c-dynamictype-ie-typecode-serialization

And I also use this example code as a base for my code: http://community.rti.com/filedepot?cid=5&fid=28

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Enum value name and type from DynamicData

I have defined an enum MyEnum in my IDL with values One and Two. Then I define a struct MyStruct with a single member myEnum of type MyEnum. So far so good.

Now, in my recorder service plugin I'm looking at MyStruct, but in the shape of a DynamicData. I can get the value of the enum with dynamicData.value(int32_t), but how can I translate that to "One" or "Two"? And how can I work out the name of the type ("MyEnum") for that member of the DynamicType? I'm using the modern C++ API of DDS version 6.0.1.

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Generating StructType from XML

Modern C++

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5.2 Moden C++ DynamicType (i.e., TypeCode) Serialization

I'm using the RTI Connext 5.2 Modern C++ API and I'm trying to replicate the functionality that is described within this HOWTO (specifically, "typecode serialization" that's referenced in the link within the uploaded files):


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Create topic and type with same name in RTI Prototyper

RE: XML-Based Application Creation Getting Started Guide (Ver 5.0) page 30:

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