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Enum value name and type from DynamicData

I have defined an enum MyEnum in my IDL with values One and Two. Then I define a struct MyStruct with a single member myEnum of type MyEnum. So far so good.

Now, in my recorder service plugin I'm looking at MyStruct, but in the shape of a DynamicData. I can get the value of the enum with dynamicData.value(int32_t), but how can I translate that to "One" or "Two"? And how can I work out the name of the type ("MyEnum") for that member of the DynamicType? I'm using the modern C++ API of DDS version 6.0.1.

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How to generate scoped enums with rtiddsgen

Hi there

I've been having issues with name conflicts between two different enums that are trying to use the same name. Unfortunately, it does not seem feasible in this case to be able to change either of the names to resolve the conflict. I believe the modern C++ generation using the -language C++11 option is supposed to address this by avoidding name conflicts?

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Sparse Enum

I am using the RTI DDS Toolkit to have a system using cRIO and Labview 2018 communicate with other systems using a DDS network. One of the messages in a type is a enum data type and has enums set for 0,1,2...10, and then the final enum set is 99. This means that there is no enum set for 11-98 and then the 99th number has an enum.

It appears that Labview cannot use non-sequential or "sparse" enums natively. Is there a work around for this? Does the RTI DDS toolkit support ring data types?


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rtiddsspy / DdsDynamicData support of (absurdly) large enumerations

I have an application in which some of my enumerations are, by any sensible measure, absurdly large.  One specific example relevant to this is an enumeration with 76 defined enumeration values inside the braces.

This leads to some very large case statements in FooPlugin_deserialize_sample, as it attempts to assert that the input eumeration value is valid, but this has not (yet?) appeared to cause any real code problem.

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Translation for IDL types problem


I have two questions:

1- Is it possible to stop translation for enum types in rtiddsgen? I mean something like "@resolve-name off" but for the whole enum. 

2- Does "rti recording service" have any problems with the types in IDL file indicated with "@resolve-name off" directive?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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