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Moden C++ DynamicType (i.e TypeCode) serialization and deserialization on 6.0.1


I want to serialize a DynamicType instance, write the serialized data to file and then later read it from file and deserialize it.

I have read this thread to know how to convert between a C++ DynamicType instance and a C DDS_TypeCode instance: https://community.rti.com/forum-topic/52-moden-c-dynamictype-ie-typecode-serialization

And I also use this example code as a base for my code: http://community.rti.com/filedepot?cid=5&fid=28

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Sending byte array using DDS_Dynamic Data


I'm using the DDS_DynamicData feature to send data of multiple types using RTI DDS. I managed to define my dynamic data type support for simple types (primitives). However, I have more complex data types which I want to send using the DynamicData feature, like arrays, strings, structs, etc. 

I want to make the application as generic as possible, so I don't really want to create a type support for each data type, as I want to send the complex types as "byte array" or something similar. 

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5.2 Moden C++ DynamicType (i.e., TypeCode) Serialization

I'm using the RTI Connext 5.2 Modern C++ API and I'm trying to replicate the functionality that is described within this HOWTO (specifically, "typecode serialization" that's referenced in the link within the uploaded files):


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TypeCode creation from XML

Is there any available function to create a TypeCode from a XML definition (in C++)?
Preferably without creating any other DDS entities (I do not want a Reader/Writer involved at this point).

I whould like to be able to do something like this, where HelloWorld.xml is the generated XML output of rtiddsgen -convertToXml:

   DDS::TypeCode* tc = XMLtoTypeCode( "HelloWorld.xml" );

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Convert user sample into a DynamicData sample


I'd like to convert a user-defined sample into a DynamicData sample so that I can use typecodes to output the message in a custom format (in C++).

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How deep does DDS_TypeCode::equal() go in checking for type code equality?

I understand version 4.5f does not provide "deep" or "strong" type check during topic discovery, but local subscriber can access the type code of remote publisher from the builtin listener and compare with its own local type code on the same topic.  After receiving the remote type code, can the subscriber just call the DDS_TypeCode::equal() function to check the remote type code agains the local one and achieve "deep" type check? In other words, does the equal() function's comparison recursively reaches down to data members of nested structures?

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