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Deserializing DATA(W) Message Using DynamicData and XML

We have a question about deserializing the serializedData (specifically the publicationBuiltinTopicData) in a DATA(W).
Our goal is to use the DynamicData API along with an XML description to achieve this.

Here's what we are considering:

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Dynamic Data: Binary Blob field

As part of an effort to convert a legacy system to DDS I'm working on a Routing Service Adapter that commmunicates over a socket with the legacy system. For messages that only go one place we just pull them off the wire and pull out some key fields to filter on but the message is basicly a variable length binary blob.

The .idl looks like this. 

struct LegacyEvents
int32 message_type;
sequence<char,LEGACY_BODY_MAX_LENGTH> body;

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DDS recorder plugin and DynamicData serialization

I am looking at creating a plugin for the dds recorder that can serialize dds data to XCDR2 format and send over a network stream.

I am using rti connext 6.0.1 and the modern c++ API. I can use the function to_cdr_buffer to serialize a DynamicData object but am unsure how to deserialize the byte stream?

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Sending byte array using DDS_Dynamic Data


I'm using the DDS_DynamicData feature to send data of multiple types using RTI DDS. I managed to define my dynamic data type support for simple types (primitives). However, I have more complex data types which I want to send using the DynamicData feature, like arrays, strings, structs, etc. 

I want to make the application as generic as possible, so I don't really want to create a type support for each data type, as I want to send the complex types as "byte array" or something similar. 

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Error in Serialization and Deserialization


I'm using RTI version 5.2.0 (Modern C++ API) and I sometimes get the following error in my output terminal. What is this error and what should I do? For your information, my program is a small version of recording service and I do serialization and deserialization of dynamic data and synamic type in my program. I have also brought my codes for serialization and deserialization of dynamic type below. For dynamic data serialization and deserialization, I use "to_cdr_buffer" and "from_cdr_buffer" functions respectively. 

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Dynamic Data API or IDL ? which one

In the past I have always used IDL to describe data types. Now I have a code generator which amongst other things is designed to generate the DDS related code.

One approach is to generate the Dynamic Data API code. The other is to generate IDL and then translate that.  I also want to deserialize the incoming data directly into C++ data types such as Eigen::Vector3d etc. Here are my questions

1) Do I lose anything by not using the IDL approach. i.e., is the generated code faster or is the generated when rtiddsgen is used.

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