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Using rti/service/admin/command_request example


There is an administration topic to control RTI data recorder. The topic is rti/service/admin/command_request.

Does anyone have a python example to do this remote control of the data recorder? Sending commands and processing replies.


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DDS recorder plugin and DynamicData serialization

I am looking at creating a plugin for the dds recorder that can serialize dds data to XCDR2 format and send over a network stream.

I am using rti connext 6.0.1 and the modern c++ API. I can use the function to_cdr_buffer to serialize a DynamicData object but am unsure how to deserialize the byte stream?

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Recorder not recording everything

I'm running rtirecorder on a dedicated linux node while sending DDS traffic from another dedicated linux node.  I'm monitoring traffic with a PC running wireshark. 

Later, I analyze the sql recording on the recording system, and compare it to the wireshark trace, and I have determined that the recorder is not recording everything.  The data rate is about 50 MB/s, with a 50K packet travelling over DDS every millisecond.

What can I do to make the recorder not drop packets?


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Serialized recorder error


I recently changed my deserialize_mode recorder settings from RTIDDS_DESERIALIZEMODE_ALWAYS to RTIDDS_DESERIALIZEMODE_NEVER. Now I am getting the following errors at the recorder terminal:

DDS_DynamicDataStream_reserialize_to_member:type not supported (unexpected kind)
DDS_DynamicData_from_key_stream:deserialization error: reserialize member

I am having difficulty locating the exact error information in the documentation. Can someone please help?

Thank you.

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RTI Recordering Service crashing


While trying to use the RTI Recorder it crashed right after starting it. In the config file for the recorder we specified that it should use our QOS to create the recorder's participant, and removing this (thus making the recorder use the default RTI QOS) stopped it from crashing, however now it can't record our data which is using a different QOS. After some trial and error we reached the problemetic definition in our QOS which was causing the crash:



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