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Setting discriminator in Python for member with multiple discriminators

Using RTI Connector for Python.

On the output instance, is it possible to explicitly set a union discriminator?

I have a union with 2 members, where each member is associated with 2 discriminators.  The default/first discriminator is always set on the various set_ calls.

The <types> below is contrived, but illustrates the situation.

Is it possible to set "" with the discriminator set to "D" rather than "C"?


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Python RTI Connector Event Loop

Do you have an example of how to setup an event loop in python with the DDS Python Connector?

I only see input.wait() and connector.wait() on  but both appear to be blocking.  How do I set up a way to register a call back when new messages are recieved?


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RTI Python Crashes with FuncAnimation

I am implementing a python script which seeks to plot in real time read data from an RTI python connector.

When I reference a function rather than call a function which uses input.wait(), the python kernel crashes. Is there a reason why this happens?

I added a screenshot of the code. The kernel crashes at the animation call.

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Using rti/service/admin/command_request example


There is an administration topic to control RTI data recorder. The topic is rti/service/admin/command_request.

Does anyone have a python example to do this remote control of the data recorder? Sending commands and processing replies.


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Python DDS: OSError: exception: access violation

Dear All!


I am trying to publish some sensor data via DDS from Python code.

Basically, the relevant parts of the code are:

with rti.open_connector(config_name="MyParticipantLibrary::MyPubParticipantT", url="Definition.xml") as connector:



And after some steps within the statemachine:

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Python DDS connector issue


I want to use 2 connectors in my python program but I don't know why this error occurs

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Using rtirecord.xml in python connector/XML Application

Main Question:

How do I explicitly fill out a union? The other examples given on the forum rely on it automatically figuring out what type to use, but the rtirecord struct (ab)uses the discriminator to mean different things!

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