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rticonnextdds-connector python errors

Hey there, 

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C# Connector connection error

Hello everyone,

I have an XML configuration file where I define my own data type.
I created a Publisher using the standard RTI C # API and Publisher can successfully send data through this file. But when I try to subscribe to this data using C# Connector, I get this error in command line:


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Using rtirecord.xml in python connector/XML Application

Main Question:

How do I explicitly fill out a union? The other examples given on the forum rely on it automatically figuring out what type to use, but the rtirecord struct (ab)uses the discriminator to mean different things!

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using rtiddsconnext-connector on arm8

Hello,  I noticed in the rti connecotor :

There is support for ARM 6 & 7, but no arm8.  Is the source code available for me to compile the library for arm8?

I am running a nodeJS app with DDS hooks on an arm8 chip.  The system works great running on a traditional architecture, but of course can't find the shared library when running on arm8.



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C# Mono Connector Newtonsoft.Json


I'm using the C# Mono Connector (
Its build type is .net framework 3.5 and packed in a way that the build definition is still .net framework 4 and it’s causing problems, since mono on Unity (Linux) supports .net framework 3.5 only.
I’ve passed this by replacing the standard  Newtonsoft.Json to Json.Net.Unity3D and everyhing works fine but not all the unit testing are passed, 2 tests failed (GetValidFullObjectSamples and SendAnonymousAndReceiveObjectSamples).

RTI Connector for Connext DDS

RTI Connector for Connext DDS is a quick and easy way to access the power and functionality of RTI Connext DDS from a variety of different scripting languages, including JavaScript, Python, Lua, and go. It builds on several powerful capabilities of Connext DDS, including XML App Creation and Dynamic Data.

RTI Connector was created by the RTI Research Group to quickly and easily develop demos and proof of concept. We think that it can be useful for anybody that needs a quick way to script tests and interact with DDS using different scripting languages.

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