using rtiddsconnext-connector on arm8

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using rtiddsconnext-connector on arm8

Hello,  I noticed in the rti connecotor :

There is support for ARM 6 & 7, but no arm8.  Is the source code available for me to compile the library for arm8?

I am running a nodeJS app with DDS hooks on an arm8 chip.  The system works great running on a traditional architecture, but of course can't find the shared library when running on arm8.



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Hello Samuel,

Thanks for writing about the connector. Did you try to run connector using the armv6 or armv7 lib? Even on armv8 it should work. To do so you have to modify the rticonnextdds-connecotor.js or rticonnextdds_connector/ 

At the top of those file there is the simple logic to modify in order to force loading a different library. 

If that is not good enough, Connector is not opensource, but  I would suggest you contact your local Connext representative: he should be able to help you get the right library.