RTI Connector for Connext DDS

RTI Connector for Connext DDS is a quick and easy way to access the power and functionality of RTI Connext DDS from a variety of different scripting languages, including JavaScript, Python, Lua, and go. It builds on several powerful capabilities of Connext DDS, including XML App Creation and Dynamic Data.

RTI Connector was created by the RTI Research Group to quickly and easily develop demos and proof of concept. We think that it can be useful for anybody that needs a quick way to script tests and interact with DDS using different scripting languages.

It can be used to quickly create tests for your distributed system and, thanks to the binding with scripting languages and the use of XML, to easily integrate with tons of other available technologies.

The RTI Connector library is provided in binary form for selected architectures. Scripting language bindings and examples are provided in source format.

How to get it

Connector is hosted on github. There are several repositories: one with the common binary libraries and, then, we have one repository per language:

Native / Common repository:


NodeJs / Javascript:






Lua (through the RTI Prototyper): 



If you are only interested in the JavaScript/Node.js binding you can use npm:

npm install rticonnextdds-connector

For python you can use pip:

pip install rticonnextdds_connector

For go you can use go get:

go get github.com/rticommunity/rticonnextdds-connector-go


Find out more

Find help

This is an experimental product, so is only supported by the developers in the forum. This is early access technology. We'd love your feedback. Please visit the RTI Community Forum where fellow users and RTI engineers can help you.