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Error with DomainParticipant as a member

I am just starting out with RTI Connext using Modern C++. I'm trying to make a class that has a DomainParticipant and some other stuff and am getting errors.

In Foo.h:

#include "dds/domain/DomainParticipant.hpp" 

class Foo {
	Foo(int32_t domain);
	dds::domain::DomainParticipant part;

And in Foo.cpp:

#include "Foo.h"

Foo::Foo(int32_t domain)
{ }

When I try to compile it (and remember there's literally nothing going on) I get an error at the constructor:

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DDS recorder plugin and DynamicData serialization

I am looking at creating a plugin for the dds recorder that can serialize dds data to XCDR2 format and send over a network stream.

I am using rti connext 6.0.1 and the modern c++ API. I can use the function to_cdr_buffer to serialize a DynamicData object but am unsure how to deserialize the byte stream?

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Modern C++: compilation warning on rtiddsgen generated classes


I'm trying to use the DDS IDL binding to C++ 2011 but the compilation of the C++ classes generated by the rtiddsgen IDL compiler produces a lot of compilation warnings.

I was wondering if there's any recommendation about g++ compiler options to use when compiling the C++ classes generated by the RTI IDL compiler.

Building for standard C++ binding generates classes that produces few warnings at compile time (even if I would prefer no warning to be raised at all).

My build and target environment is Ubuntu 12.04 and g++ 4.6.3 compiler.

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