Unreliable connection over WiFi.

I am writing a (modern C++) module to simulate a device that connects to a central registry to send and obtain information.  The registry and device each pass data both ways, so act as both subscribers and publishers.  The device sends the first request message, and the registry returns a suitable response (or should do).


Forward declaration of WaitSet in C++


I'm using Connext DDS Pro 5.3.0 with VS 2015/2017.

my C++ code uses dds::core::cond::WaitSetin various places.

I'm cleaning up the include directives, and I have just realized that there is no forward declaration of dds::core::cond::WaitSetin your SDK.

I would expect to find it in  <dds/core/corefwd.hpp>but this file does not contain any forward declaration of WaitSet.

In this file, the only fwd declaration in the cond namespace is

namespace cond


Get data writer's name in received sample


I want to get data writer's name in received sample same as what we have in admin console tool (e.g. participant name in sample log). I'm using rti connext modern c++ API version 5.2.0. I search all member functions of sample info class but cannot find anything useful. I know that every writer has an unique ID but it does not help me in this case. Thanks in advance for your help.


Run time error for c++ idl project on machine without visual Studio 2012


I am developing application with rti DDS in visual studio 2012 using c# language.

I had included in the solution the C++ project of the idl type and have referrence for it inanother solution project.

When I try to run the app in a machine without visual studio 2012 I get many run time errors of dll not found or its dependencies.
I check it by 'Dependency walker'.

Only if I install VS 2012 errors gone (VS 2015 not solved the problem).

Issues in building Integrate Medical Devices RTI Connext DDS in windows

I had installed Connext DDS Professional  5.2 on windows 8.1 machine,  and cloned code from git repositry (https://github.com/rticommunity/rticonnextdds-usecases-medical/tree/master/MedicalDevices)  of RTI Connext DDS Use Case: Medical Device Connectivity and followed the steps mentioned to build the code.

First step is "


Modern C++: Migration path / interacting with traditional C++ API

Is there a migration path or compatibility layer to assist in using the modern C++ API in existing code bases?


C++ library


In the last weeks I've started to play with RTI Connext 5.2 and I really enjoyed ! In my play I've ended to write a tiny C++ library easydds that I think might be useful for others people , so I would like to share with the community

Here are some features of easydds library

Encapsulates all DDS details for reading and writing the DDS topics in the library
The received data are "exported" via a boost signal in the application namespace.All the specific manipulation of data are done in the application namespace

Data sporadically not arriving (Request Reply)

I tried the Request-Reply-Example which is in the C++ example folder of RTI 5.1.0.

If I use the Requester in a command window (Ubuntu 12.04) and the Replier in another command windows on the same machine,

the Requester sporadically (can be the second time or the 20. time I send a request) doesn't get the data from the Replier. But the Replier gets the request and says that he replied (in the command window).


Porting C++ code between vendors

I am trying to port some piece of code from OpenSplice to RTI and I have noticed that there are some modifications that I need to do to make it work. For example OpenSplice uses DomainParticipant_var type variable where RTI uses DomainParticipant* type variable. Is there any best practices or some other documentation that would show how to write as protable code as possible?



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