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Request reply with .net5

Dear Community,

I'm trying to use the request reply pattern in net5 under Linux (Debian 11 x64).

I see in the User Manual (Part4 Chapter 27) how they supposed to work, and I found cpp examples.

I also found a forum topic explaining the usage for dotnet framwork 4.5 (a dll reference is required from %programfiles%\...), but I can't seem to find neither the Requester nor the Replyer types for .net5.

Can you please help me how to use the request-reply pattern with .net5 (netcore) from under Linux (and possibly from under Windows too).

Thank you!

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V6.0.1 C++ Request Reply example : undefined reference error after make -f make/makefile_RequestReplyPrimes_x64Linux4gcc7.3.0


i encounter "undefined reference" errors when i launch the make of the C++ request reply example v6.0.1 on Linux.

NB : I don't have any problem when i launch the make of the helloworld publish-subscribe example, every thing else being the same.

Here is the command of the example that i launch.:

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Data sporadically not arriving (Request Reply)

I tried the Request-Reply-Example which is in the C++ example folder of RTI 5.1.0.

If I use the Requester in a command window (Ubuntu 12.04) and the Replier in another command windows on the same machine,

the Requester sporadically (can be the second time or the 20. time I send a request) doesn't get the data from the Replier. But the Replier gets the request and says that he replied (in the command window).


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Send String Arrays using Dynamic Data and Request-Reply pattern


I am a bit new to DDS. I am curently working with the request/reply pattern. I successfully managed to send requests and replies containing primitive types of data such as char, long, int, etc. What I am not trying to do is sending some string array with the request reply pattern and using Dynamic Data as the string array I'm trying to send must be custom made. Until now I managed to do something like this:


//Register the type support for creating string arrays

DDS_TypeCode* type = factory->create_struct_tc("MyType", structMembers, out_exc);

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