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NDDS 3.X Microsoft .net framework compatibility

As Microsoft begin move .NET Framework to .NET Core and .NET Standard since 2015, our company will follow official suggestions to start take move with the Environment and starting using .NET Core and .NET Standard as side project first. We would want to know,
1) Does NDDS 3.X support it? If yes, could you please provide related documentation for how to build up the environment?
2) Does NDDS have any plan to porting to .NET Core or .NET Standard before 2018-2019? If no related plan yet, please response to let we know. Thanks!


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Impact of optional members on a .Net application

Reading the documentation for Extensible Types, it says that optional members are not supported in the .NET API. What exactly is the resulting behaviour of this? For instance, what happens if a Java application publishes a sample where some optional members are not set and a .NET application is subscribed to that topic? Will it result in a crash? Will the .NET application get null values for the unset fields? Will the publisher/subscriber simply not match?

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Read with query condition - .Net thread safety

I am using the C# .Net API for RTI Community DDS.

I am trying to query DDS on demand using a QueryCondition and read_w_condition() on a typed DataReader. I am trying to use the DataReader to access or take data I have previously published on demand from the application so that I can use DDS as a store of data. I am using multiple threads as I am servicing multiple interfaces.

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