Running RTI 6.1.1 with .NET FW 4.6.1\4.71

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Running RTI 6.1.1 with .NET FW 4.6.1\4.71

I'm trying to run a .NET 4.6.1 with RTI 6.1.1.

I keep getting error related to nddsc.dll - is this dll should be included in the running environment ?

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Not sure what you mean by "running environment", that's something created by the setup on your host.  But certainly "nddsc.dll" is a library distributed in the Connext DDS 6.1.1 installation.  Look for one under the "<installdir>/lib/<arch>/" directory.  <arch> may be any one of multiple directories containing libraries built for Windows, e.g., x64Win64VS2017.   The directory name has the version of Visual Studio that the libraries were compiled with.

When using the .NET reference library, "nddsdotnet461.dll"  from a particular platform (i.e., <arch>) directory, you have to make sure that the directory is on your PATH so that the native libraries can be found and loaded at runtime.