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Adding a std::thread-based ReadCondition to a Waitset (C++)

I am writing a (modern C++) module to simulate a device that connects to a central registry to send and obtain information.  The registry and device each pass data both ways, so act as both subscribers and publishers.

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How to change thread priority?

Hello everyone,

I am having some troubles with thread priorities.

I am running a pub/sub application on VxWorks and I notice that for each pub/sub that I run, 4 threads with priority 71 are created (named RTIOsapi).

I looked for it on the platform notes and I noticed that "71" is the THREAD_PRIORITY_ABOVE_NORMAL value for VxWorks.

I would like to change this value somewhere in the XML QoS file. I found out that there is a tag:




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Easy question on write_w_timestamp_untyped

At this web page:

I found documentation for the write_w_timestamp_untyped.  The documenation says, "Publish a data sample using the given time instead of the current time".

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Read with query condition - .Net thread safety

I am using the C# .Net API for RTI Community DDS.

I am trying to query DDS on demand using a QueryCondition and read_w_condition() on a typed DataReader. I am trying to use the DataReader to access or take data I have previously published on demand from the application so that I can use DDS as a store of data. I am using multiple threads as I am servicing multiple interfaces.

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