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Packaging IDL for reuse in C# projects

I'm looking to split common IDL and specific IDL for reusing purposes in a C# environment. I've created a Position.idl file and a Car.idl file in separate projects. I've used rtiddsgen to generate the type files for position and build a dll (based on the example solution).

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Run time error for c++ idl project on machine without visual Studio 2012


I am developing application with rti DDS in visual studio 2012 using c# language.

I had included in the solution the C++ project of the idl type and have referrence for it inanother solution project.

When I try to run the app in a machine without visual studio 2012 I get many run time errors of dll not found or its dependencies.
I check it by 'Dependency walker'.

Only if I install VS 2012 errors gone (VS 2015 not solved the problem).

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Read with query condition - .Net thread safety

I am using the C# .Net API for RTI Community DDS.

I am trying to query DDS on demand using a QueryCondition and read_w_condition() on a typed DataReader. I am trying to use the DataReader to access or take data I have previously published on demand from the application so that I can use DDS as a store of data. I am using multiple threads as I am servicing multiple interfaces.

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