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Run time error for c++ idl project on machine without visual Studio 2012


I am developing application with rti DDS in visual studio 2012 using c# language.

I had included in the solution the C++ project of the idl type and have referrence for it inanother solution project.

When I try to run the app in a machine without visual studio 2012 I get many run time errors of dll not found or its dependencies.
I check it by 'Dependency walker'.

Only if I install VS 2012 errors gone (VS 2015 not solved the problem).

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Visual Studio 2012

Is it possible to develop using Visual Studio 2012?

I have done some inital testing using the v5.0.0 of RTI, using target architecture i86Win32VS2010. But this requires runtime libraries from Visual Studio 2010 (eg msvcr100.dll) which are not currently installed. Before installing, I thought I would ask the community for advice.

Has anyone used Visual Studio 2012 with RTI? Is it possible to use the VS2010 version of RTI and develop on VS2012?


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