Loading user XML QoS Profiles in C++

Hey guys,

I'm not able to get XML QoS files to load in modern C++.  We are using version 5.2.3.  These work perfectly fine while using the C# APIs.  In trying to find a workaround, I found that the XML also will not load if I put it in either $NDDSHOME/resource/xml/NDDS_QOS_PROFILES.xml or <working directory>/USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml.  I'm just using the sample code in the user manual almost verbatim.


Failure to compile helloworld_simple in C++


I'm new to RTI and I'm trying to run compile helloworld_simple (Hello-x64Win64VS2010.sln) in MS Visual Studio Express 2010.  I believe I have followed the instructions correctly in the Getting Started guide, to add the proper environment variables & path directories, etc.  When I attempt to "Build Solution" in MSVSE, I get the following errors:

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